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A Mother’s Ambition for her children Matthew 20: 20-23

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Mothers can be passionate and assertive in their desires for their children. When it is not in sync with the lord’s desires or plans for you, then the original purpose does not glorify God instead it is to serve man’s purpose and not God’s purpose which is pride and self glory. She came worshipping but inwardly the human heart had a self seeking not God seeking and God honoring purpose. We can think we can do God’s purposes but we are approaching it with fleshly perspective and not Christ like perspective. Even The Lord dependence on his father’s will rather than using his power authority and desire over the father’s will show deference and obedience and submissiveness to the father rather than his own will and desire. The mother did not show the proper order of humility and submission but showed a poor example of usurping authority and order and had to be reprimanded by The Lord of how submission and reverence were practiced in the family of God as demonstrated by him and his father.

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