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Costly Worship Mark 14: 1-9

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2 different women in their giving ( hearts attitude and actions) towards The Lord. The feasts were only 2 days away but how were the hearts of the people prepared for the feast of the Passover and the feast of the unleavened bread. The chief priests and teachers of the law were plotting to kill him being used as instruments of unrighteousness by satan. Simon forgot about the Lord’s goodness to him. The people gathered in Simon’s house were concerned more about the “created things” than the creator in their midst. Sometimes we can be so busy and concerned about the things of God but not focus on The Lord himself. Her focus was primarily on The Lord because it came out of a overflow of thankfulness and love for what The Lord had done in her life. She gave to The Lord what was precious, special, costly and willing to brake it and part with it for The Lord. How much is The Lord worth to you? Is he precious and special to you. It must then be reflected when we worship him. At what cost is your worship? Are you able to put aside your time, your thoughts, your self, all the things you need to do for the week, to focus primarily and keep him as the object of your worship versus other things crowding your mind and pushing him out? Are you willing to brake something in your life that is precious and costly? How about your own self and its desires? Are you willing to brake it and part with it, pour it as an offering to The Lord. our children, our ambitions, things that we find difficult to give up or part with, are we willing to offer it to The Lord. It can cost us but think of Abraham, Job, Moses, the heroes of faith in Hebrews 11 all were willing to give up something costly and precious for The Lord.

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