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Persistent in Prayer Matthew 15:21-28

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The Lord intentionally went to the place where the woman was. She went seeking for him. She prayed urgently, persistently, and loudly so the disciples knew of it as well. She had singleness of purpose in her prayer. Sometimes The Lord may not answer but she kept at it, not wavering or giving up. The Lord had her wait, to see how her faith would withstand waiting period from The Lord. But her response was kneeling, worshipful and persistence through it all. She would take even the crumbs of blessing that The Lord would be willing to give. Shows humility, contentment and thankfulness for whatever she could get from The Lord. She had expectant and a live hope, faith and trust in The Lord so kept persisting until she could get it despite delays or rational thinking or what was right. The Lord still looks at the heart despite the rightness of the situation. He commended her faith first before readily and unquestioningly rewarding her faith. Her persistent faith is what got the lord’s attention and her prayer was immediately answered. And her name got mentioned and recognized in the book of life. Everlasting memorial and sign of persistent prayer. The fervent effectual prayer of a righteous man availeth much. (James 5:16 KJV)

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