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The Lord’s eye is on you. Mark 12:41-44

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Sometimes we feel like god is not mindful or observing the little things we do. It has to be grand for The Lord to pay attention and attach significance to what we say or do. But The Lord was observing what the poor widow was doing despite the throngs of people in the temple. In a busy, lonely world, The Lord has his eye on you. He may not fulfill what you think the widow needed because not much is said whether things changed for her. But The Lord being omniscient knew everything about her which we may think god has forgotten her or she is being punished. Even today what she did many yrs ago is a memorial and an example of what giving is as The Lord used her as an example. What The Lord gave her is much more than her temporal earthly needs. He gave her an eternal investment through the annals of scripture. That is far more worthy than temporary satisfaction. A giving attitude even when you have little is far more honorable than giving when you have more because you hold back due to surplus. The whole hearted attitude is not there its half hearted as Seen by what Ananias and sapphira did. When you worship, The Lord wants your whole heart not halfhearted. Empty yourself completely and he will fill you up as he notes your hearts attitude when you give whether it be in your actions, or your thoughts. The Lord loves a cheerful giver where The Lord sees your inside versus giving where others see and you get recognized by his creation vs. being recognized and acknowledged by the creator. Far more value in that vs. getting the recognition here upon earth which is temporal. The things you do silently without a show for The Lord pays off very well when you are acknowledged by The Lord in front of the heavenly host.

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